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1021 County Road 519
Baptistown,NJ 08803. PO Box 153
United States

(908) 996-0404

Vintage MotorcycleTransmission Rebuilds NJ

We provide complete vintage motorcycle transmission rebuilding in New Jersey. Find out more details here.

Transmission Rebuilds


Your classic British-made bike is work of art. No one knows and appreciates it better than us. That’s why we offer services to restore your vintage motorcycle to its former splendor.

If you are looking for a total transmission overhaul and gearbox rebuilt in New Jersey, we are your guys! We have the experience as well as the specialty equipment to handle transmission repairs and rebuilds for a variety of vintage motorcycles. Every transmission is methodically inspected for damaged and worn out parts. Then we find and use OEM parts to rebuild the vintage bike transmission to factory specifications.

Quality Solutions for Your Complete Peace of Mind

Do you need professional help to shift through the gears on your vintage British motorcycle? Transmission work for an antique bike is no small undertaking.

When you count on us for a complete gearbox rebuild, you get to benefit from extensive experience in custom work, as well as our love for vintage bikes that knows no end!

We offer the highest level of fit and finish as well as a number of optional extra services to complement the transmission rebuild.

Full Gearbox Reconditioning Services

Only the highest quality parts are used throughout the rebuild process. No matter what the make and model of your vintage bike is, the transmission rebuild process remains the same. The gearboxes are opened, stripped, assessed and we figure out the work and parts required for the rebuild service. You will get a complete run down of the parts replaced and their costs.

Call Now For Service Pricing

We work with American, British and Japanese motorcycle engines and transmissions completely restoring them and giving you many more years of one of the best biking experiences money can buy.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about transmission rebuild service pricing and let us rebuild your classic British bike!

Give us a call at (908) 996-5337 for a quick quote!

Count on us for outstanding service and care for your beautiful British bike!