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TIG/MIG Welding Services | Welding Bicycle Frames NJ

Does your vintage motorcycle need welding? Call (908) 996-5337 now for safe, secure welding services.

TIG/MIG Welding - Any Metal


Everything on your vintage bike—the body to the frame panels—is held together beautifully thanks to a stellar welding job!
That’s why a professional welding job can run into hundreds of dollars, because you are paying for their experience and expertise.

As vintage motorcycle enthusiasts, we are here to remind you that sheet metal and welding supplies come cheap, but it’s ultimately the expertise of the labor that counts and brings your bike to life.

When it comes to welders, you get what you pay for! When you rely on Classic Cycles LTD. for TIG/MIG welding services for your classic bike, you are not only paying for materials and professional expertise, but also reliability, quality of welds and your general peace of mind.

We’ll Build You Frame that Stands The Test of Time

You are the owner of a classic motorcycle. It has already proven its worth, serving your needs for 30 years or more.
However, it is perfectly acceptable to see an occasional bracket break etc. Our welding service can effectively repair these minor issues as well as any bigger ones in the frame of your vintage bike.

Safe and Secure Welding Solutions

We realize that as the owner of a classic machine that requires welding, you need to make some careful decisions before committing the motorcycle to a welding shop for repairs or modifications. You can count on us to ensure that all safety procedures are followed and the right electric arc system (T.I.G. or M.I.G.) is used for the services.

The biggest difference between MIG and TIG welding is that one method uses a constantly feeding electrode and is a very fast way of making welds. The other way is a lot more refined and delicate welding technique. And our experienced technicians know which one is a better choice for your vintage bike as per its welding and repair needs.

Call (908) 996-5337 for a personal estimate, and the current turnaround time.

Expect nothing but exceptional love and care for your vintage bike when it’s with us!