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1021 County Road 519
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(908) 996-0404

Motorcycle Restoration Service | Vintage Motorcycle Restoration NJ

We are your reliable source for vintage motorcycle restoration services in NJ. We provide complete rework, repair or replacements solutions.

Motorcycle Restoration



Our love for vintage British and Japanese bikes began nearly 35 years ago. And over this time we have learned that a classic motorcycle only needs flawless attention to the minutest details, while respect for its authenticity and heritage. Our extensive experience makes us uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive motorcycle restorations here in New Jersey.

Count On Us For Unparalleled Aesthetics!

To us, a complete motorcycle restoration service involves a lot more than a paint job and a new set of wheels. When you bring your vintage Motorcycle to us at Classic Cycles LTD. it undergoes a thorough inspection and assessment process. We get to the overall condition of the bike and then advise you on the best possible way of returning to its original condition, the way it was when it left the production line some 30 or 40 years ago. And if you want us to, we can even bring up its performance specs to more modern standards, if that’s what you want!

As you must have guessed now, our approach to vintage bike restorations is more than just superficial. Once we are through with your bike, your bike will be great to look at, and also mechanically reliable to provide you amazing, joyful rides for many years to come.

Vintage Motorcycle Restoration Services

Our services include complete rework, repair or replacements for visible parts such as the chrome, wheels, frame, trim, speedometer and tachometer, but also what’s inside for example, the cooling system, electrical wiring, engine, brakes, and fluid systems.
You can count on our experienced technicians to provide the best possible restoration job on your favorite vintage motorcycle!

Get Pricing for Our Restoration Services

As explained earlier, our restoration services include several different solutions. We’d like to ask you several questions and possibly even see your vintage bike in person before we can provide you with a detailed price quote for our classic motorcycle restoration services. Remember cost and completion time are dependent on the condition of the bike itself. But whether it runs, doesn’t run or is widely considered basket case, we promise to restore it back to its former glory!

Give us a call at (908) 996-5337 for an estimate and the turnaround time.

We Are Vintage Bike Enthusiasts, And Promise To Treasure It Just Like You Would!