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1021 County Road 519
Baptistown,NJ 08803. PO Box 153
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(908) 996-0404

Custom Exhaust Pipes of Vintage Motorcycles NJ

We craft exhaust pipes for a variety of vintage motorcycles, ensuring perfect fit. Click here to learn more about our custom exhaust pipes.

Custom Exhaust Pipes


As vintage bike enthusiasts, we make sure that all our custom-made exhaust pipes are as close to an original fitting as possible. As always, our main aim is to make parts that are a great fit to the age and style of your vintage motorcycle.

Mild steel is almost always our material of choice, creating high quality parts that will last for a very long time and suit the period looks of your classic British bike. All exhaust pipes are made in-house by our experienced technicians using, our own tools.

Vintage Pipes for Vintage Bikes

Here at Classic Cycles LTD. it is a standard practice to offer vintage bike parts and products that are as close to the real thing as possible. More than 3 decades of experience in working with vintage bikes has given us a unique insight into original patterns and the ability to trace the history and design of obsolete and irreplaceable parts.

Get The Look And The Sound, The Show And The Shine!

Whether you need your bike to have a louder bark than usual, or you are looking for a quieter ride, our exhaust pipes can help you achieve it all. In addition to the basic exhaust fabrication, the services also include:

  • Complete exhaust systems or choice between mufflers only or headers only.
  • Choice of finishes: painted, stainless, chrome, or polished alloy.
  • Choice of muffler styles: straight cut, slash cut, reverse cone, cone.

Hand bending a truly unique pipe for your bike is an expertise here with us. No matter how old your bike is, you can count on us to get the irregular bends on vintage bikes, high level pipes, and spitfire pipes etc. of course, you will have to leave your vintage bike with us so we can work with it to get an accurate fit for the new pipes.

Let’s Talk About Your Vintage Motorcycle!

We are here to ensure that your bike gets undivided attention from us. Give us a call today and drop by with your bike, and let’s figure out how our custom exhaust pipes can be a great fit for your bike.

Call us at (908) 996-5337 for cost & turnaround time estimates.

When It Comes To Vintage Motorcycles, We Love Loud Bikes And Smooth Rides!