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Motorcycle Carburetor Rebuild NJ

Facing motorcycle carburetor problems? We offer extensive vintage motorcycle carburetor restoration and rebuilding services in New Jersey. Explore more.

Carburetor Rebuilds


When it comes to performance issues in vintage motorcycles, the number one suspected cause of all troubles is a dirty and clogged carburetor. Whether you are concerned about the loss of power, poor performance or worn out seals that let the fuel leak past the metering orifices, we are here to help fix it all!

For starters we suggest that you always try to use ethanol free fuel. This will help prolong the carburetor’s service life and keep it damage free, ensuring your bike performs perfectly for a very long time. But if your vintage bike’s carburetor has been completely annihilated over its life, it’s time to bring it in for a complete rebuild with our experienced technicians.

We Are Experts at Vintage Motorcycle Carburetor Rebuilding

Here at Classic Cycles LTD. we offer extensive carburetor restoration and rebuilding services. We start off with a thorough check up of your existing carburetor, looking for the extent of damage and wear. This inspection and disassembly of carburetor can expose problems you didn’t even think existed! Broken parts and snapped off studs are replaced and rebuilding is performed where there is no other alternative.

All in all, when you need professional and thorough carburetor rebuild service for your vintage motorcycle in New Jersey, you can count on us. Here’s what else you can expect from our carburetor rebuild service:

  • Complete disassembly of the carburetor
  • Meticulous cleaning the carburetor body & all parts inside and outside
  • Correct, quality aftermarket or OEM rebuild parts
  • Milling carburetor bowls or bodies & float repair
  • Bench test the carburetor for leakage

With more than 3 decades of experience working on vintage British and Japanese bikes we know just what it takes to get your bike up and running, in pristine condition. We only rebuild vintage bike carbs and provide one-of-a-kind services in New Jersey.

Call Now For Service Pricing

We’d love to take a look at your bike and offer an estimate in person after examining its condition and extent of work needed to get it running perfectly again. Or, you can get in touch with us via phone and lets discuss what we can do for your classic bike!

Give us a call at (908) 996-5337 for a quick price & turnaround time estimate.

We deliver exceptional service and care for your prized possession.