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The Biggest Ways Vintage Bikes Are Different From Modern Ones


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The Biggest Ways Vintage Bikes Are Different From Modern Ones

Daniel Roberts

Owning a bike is nothing less than a passion. Bike enthusiasts eat sleep and dream bikes. Our experts are here to tell you the difference between vintage and modern bikes:

On the Surface

There are some stark differences in the overall look of the two bikes. Vintage bikes look, well, old—no surprises there. But they have an aura of power and performance to them.

Vintage bikes have an overall rugged feel to them. They are a bit worn out which gives them more character. Classic bikes also tend to have more rounded surfaces in comparison to modern bikes. Modern bikes are about aerodynamics and that can be seen in their design. They are much sleeker while still incorporating angles into their design.


Vintage bikes are those that were first released in the 70s or 80s, technology has come a long way since.

Many vintage bikes are said to have disc brakes, but they don’t work like the ones today. A common feature in vintage bikes is the fact that the front wheel has a disc brake while the back wheel has a classic drum brake.

The brake systems on modern bikes are no doubt more efficient but for those who are used to vintage bikes, their brakes are quite safe too.


Fuel injection systems have seen a 360-degree revamp. Carburetors were the first systems to be used which did well right up till the 20th century. The difference between modern and vintage bikes is that vintage bikes still use carburetors. Modern bikes now use direct injection fuel systems.


Chain drive

From chain drive to shaft drive, yet another transformation to the world of bikes. Vintage bikes were first fitted with chain driven bikes.  

Modern bikes come equipped with the shaft driven system. The newer system is more efficient no doubt; it doesn’t require much maintenance while running costs are low too.

So what about chain driven bikes? They aren’t bad either. The bike chains need regular adjusting and occasional replacement too.

At the end of the day, the mechanisms used in both bikes are different in most ways. Their goal is the same, but as time goes on, we see many advancements and the same goes for bikes. The rugged nature of vintage bikes is what appeals to many. Owning a bike is a matter of preference. Bike owners are aware of the upkeep before they take the plunge. The extra care required by these vintage bikes appeals to bike enthusiasts—it adds to the cool vibe of owning a vintage.  

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