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4 Tips For Safe Biking


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4 Tips For Safe Biking

Daniel Roberts

With May just a few yards away, it’s time to remind ourselves of the importance of practicing safety procedures while riding a motorcycle. May is the month of Motorcycle Safety And Awareness and it deserves to be taken as a reminder for personal safety all year round. We know summers are a call for outdoor fun, road trips, crazy bike rides and much more. But nothing does and should come before safety!

It’s possible to enjoy flaunting your vintage motorcycle model on the streets of New Jersey without putting your life at risk. Safety doesn’t necessarily compromise on fun. You can still take on daring challenges after securing yourself first.  

Here are 4 safety tips that’ll help you ride your vintage classic around town safely, like a pro.

Wear A Helmet

Needless to say, this rule has always gone first. Not only is it legally required to wear a helmet on the roads at all times in New Jersey but also compulsory to follow anywhere in the world. Reason being: helmets protect your skull from damage on impact in case of accidents. Motorcycle related fatalities often occur due to brain injuries and wearing a helmet mitigates any such risks. Make sure you fasten the clasp on your helmet as you tighten road safety.

Practice On Your Motorcycle

Did your dad leave behind his classic bike for you? If the engine is that old, chances are it had been rotting in your garage for ages. Not only does it rust its parts but also rusts your memory of how to operate it. You’ll need a couple of tries before getting used to the vehicle. Especially after getting your classic motorcycle restored, it might feel different riding it for the first few days. Don’t risk riding it without first practicing your hand at it.

Check Before Every Ride

You don’t want to be left stranded on an empty road in the middle of nowhere if your bike breaks down. To avoid such buzz killers, it’s best to inspect your motorcycle before taking it out for a drive. Check the tires, fuel, brakes and turn signals to make sure everything is in smooth, running condition. Just have a quick look before pedaling on gas to make sure nothing is leaking and you’re good to go.

Stay Alert

Driving a motor bike.png


Driving a motor bike is very different from driving a car. The two-wheeler can easily slide out of another car’s rear- or side-view vision. This can be hazardous for the rider if the adjacent car takes a sudden turn. To increase your visibility on the road, keep your lights on during the dark and wear something reflective so other drivers can easily spot you. If you’re driving in heavy traffic, make sure you’re focused on the road and aware of all movements. Resist the temptation to overtake other cars as it can lead to accidents.

Follow all these safety tips, and you’ll be safe and sound!

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