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What to Know Before Taking Your Vintage Bike on a Road Trip


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What to Know Before Taking Your Vintage Bike on a Road Trip

Daniel Roberts

Taking a road trip on a bike has its own charm. The beautiful green scenery passing by as you zoom past the lush valleys. The huge mountains getting smaller as you speed closer to the high altitudes—such an adrenaline rush!

Motorcycles have advanced design and machinery, such that they can travel for long distances even on rough terrains. It is a safe and exhilarating way to travel.

If you are a bike enthusiast and love to travel in vintage motorcycles, know that there a few precautions you need to take before setting off on your journey.

Frequent Stops

If you are going on long road trip that will take days before you reach your destination, it is better to incorporate as many rest stops as possible.

You might not realize this early on in the trip, but you will get more tired and irritable if you only do pit stops for fuel refill.

A 5 to 8-hour journey cruising along the roads without any stops may not intimidate you now, but once you’re on the road, you may be struck by the exhaustion of it all.

You might not feel the effects of an 8-hour journey, but your bike sure will. Give the engine frequent rests to avoid overheating it.

Travel during Daylight

Start early and finish early. Start your bike journey with the rising sun and finish it before the sunset.

It is better to be able to see where you are going rather than being guided by a lone bike light at night. The terrain you take may be mountainous with sharp curves and possibilities of landslides.

Plan your route ahead of time and calculate the miles you will travel. This will help you keep a check on your gas tank and the fuel you’ll need before the next pit stop.

Protection and Safety

Wear your safety gloves and helmets at all times while travelling on your motorcycle. You don’t want to get in any serious road accident and suffer from lasting pain.

A head injury could be deadly if you don’t protect it wearing a safety helmet. Wear a leather jacket to protect yourself from the harsh winds as you speed along the road.

Carry Light

Don’t carry a lot of heavy bags and load on your bike. Chances are, the bike might tip due to imbalance.

If you are travelling with someone, make sure you both only carry essentials. Heavy luggage is impossible to carry on a bike.

A vintage motorcycle is already very vulnerable and has seen a lot of mechanical restoration. Don’t put unnecessary load on the bike and cause it to break down.

Full Bike Service -motorcycle repair shops near me.png

Full Bike Service

Because you are traveling in vintage motorcycle that has been restored, you are more likely to experience a breakdown.

Get a full bike service before taking it on the trip. Have the loose bike frames welded together and get it checked by a professional mechanic.

Make sure your tires are in mint condition. The treads should be able to balance on the road and not skid on the rough terrain. The pressure of the tires must be able to bear your load and not skid off road.

If you are given the all clear, only then take your vintage bike out on the road. It will ensure a trouble free and smooth ride.

Before beginning your road trip, have your bike examined and get your vintage motorcycle restoration services from the best motorcycle shop in Central New Jersey.

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