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Should You Weld Your Own Bike Frame or Leave it to a Professional?


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Should You Weld Your Own Bike Frame or Leave it to a Professional?

Daniel Roberts

The welding process involves taking two separate pieces of metal, melting them down and manipulating them to stick together.

There are three types of welding processes. TIG involves the use of a gas machine to melt the metal frame. MIG welding uses a core-filler wire to cut stainless steel and aluminum using a MIG machine.

Stick welding involves an electrode wire that cuts the metal into bigger and thicker chunks and is quite difficult to operate.

If you are a bike enthusiast and have been riding bikes for years, it does not give you an automatic license to try your hand at complicated welding restoration and repairs. It just isn’t safe.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why you should contact a professional to weld your bike frames.  

Mechanical Tools

There is a lot of equipment needed for a successful welding process. These include an auto darkening helmet, safety glasses, particle mask, chipping hammer, leather cape and special welding gloves.

A handy square is a right angle tool need to measure and draw lines on the metal to mark the melting parts of the bike frame.

An angle grinder is the most versatile tool needed by a welder. It is used to grind the excess weld bead and to fit the metal joints by removing the metal burrs.

A chop saw is occasionally used to cut the metal. It uses sharp cutters to slice 90 degree metal angles through the saw machinery.

Outside Space

welding process.png

A big open space is needed to store all the equipment and set up workshop. A warehouse space is a best fit to carry out the welding process.

You need to control the melted metal puddles that forms. Tack the bike frame by securing the pieces of metal through a series of small welds.

Safety Precautions

Not only do you need a safe space to operate the heavy welding wools and equipment, you need safety goggles and helmets.

Personal safety is of the utmost importance. You need protection from the sparks that are produced as a result of the electrical current.

Skills and Experience

Welding is a practical process that requires you to have the skills to handle the equipment and understand the scientific procedure behind it.

You can’t just pick the tools and tackle the bike frames. It takes years of training and on the job experience to handle the tools to perfectly weld the metal frames.

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