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5 Best Motorcycles to Take a Passenger on


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5 Best Motorcycles to Take a Passenger on

Daniel Roberts

Motorcycle rides are fun for the rider and the passenger. You may have a passion for motorbikes or it may be your primary mode of transportation, which you also enjoy. Nonetheless, taking someone for a ride will surely make their day.

If you ride solo, riding with a passenger might seem difficult at first. The extra weight requires more control to manage the bike smoothly. The bike should also be able to carry the weight of two individuals. The riding position, wide bars, appropriate seat height, and seamless control help when taking a passenger.

The passenger should be allotted a comfortable and spacious seat to accommodate their riding position. A high passenger seat can misbalance the bike, making it dangerous to ride as well as uncomfortable. A comfortable height for the seat is a couple of inches higher than the rider. Most bikes have ridges and curves on their seats for aesthetic purposes. Needless to say, they are highly uncomfortable. Bikers who regularly have passengers tend to get these removed for a more passenger-friendly option.

With that being said, here are some of the best bikes to have passengers on:


This BMW bike is one for the adventurous yet comfortable for the rider and passenger. It incorporates a visually pleasing design which is also functional. The Telelever front suspension absorbs any brake dive, making it a comfortable ride for the passenger. The tall riding position and wide bars offer support for the rider as well.

Honda Gold Wing

This is one of Honda’s legendary bikes. It’s a bike created for the passenger. They can fall asleep and yet not cause any imbalance in the ride. The passenger seat mimics that of a car and even has armrests!

Ural Gear up

Ural Gear up.png


Don’t be fooled by this car’s vintage appearance! It’s still in production. The Ural Gear Up comes fitted with an enclosed sidecar. The bike is uber comfortable to ride because of its three wheels. The bike is meant to be a classic so don’t expect high performance.

Suzuki Hayabusa

This is one of the faster bikes on this list. Often speed bikes aren’t meant for passenger riding, but Suzuki has included a huge passenger seat on this model. It’s one of the fastest models they have ever made. It comes equipped with low pegs which is unusual for a sports bike. The bike is comfortable for both, the rider and passenger. This bike was created to give superior control to the rider.

Triumph Bonneville

motorcycle repair services New Jersey.png


This retro classic took the biking world by storm. The bike is ideal for inexperienced riders and is equipped with all the features needed for a passenger.

No matter which bike you choose to buy or already have, they need to be cared for. Classic Cycles offer bikers of New Jersey motorcycle repair services. They also offer tire change and replacement. Customers can choose from a wide variety of imported tires. Contact us at (908) 996-5337.