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The Most Memorable Bike Scenes In Hollywood’s Best


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The Most Memorable Bike Scenes In Hollywood’s Best

Daniel Roberts

If you think back to movie scenes that brought you to the edge of your seat, you’d involuntarily imagine a motorcycle chase sequence. The heart-pounding moment when a bike roars to life, speeds through the streets and screeches to halt leaves the audience awestruck. Apart from the expertise of stuntmen and movie actors, the credit goes to the bikes that put on the show.

If you’re a biker and are passionate about biking, you’d know the real worth of a vintage motorcycle model. Classic bikes that have starred in movies pay homage to the stature of these vintage treasures. Here are a few iconic movie scenes with classic bikes that have stayed with us over the years.

Terminator 2, Judgment Day

If you’re really into the badass biker look, nothing would appeal to you more than a Harley-Davidson. The movie, Terminator 2, chose nothing but the best of the best for its iconic bike scenes. The Fat Boy had just been released in 1990 while the movie was being shot. It was only fitting to pick the latest model of the Harley-Davidson range for a riveting shot of the action scene. Nothing could have suited the character of the muscular robot better than a Harley!

Terminator 2, Judgment Day.png

Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade

Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg had a mutual favorite in the Indiana Jones franchise: The Last Crusade. But what makes this film so special is not just the acting, direction or plot, but also scenes that had a lasting impact on the audience. One scene which made to the list of fan’s favorite iconic scenes was Indy and his father’s escape from the Nazis. But what made the scene so compelling was that the Nazis were mounted on classic motor bikes. The bike chase coupled with the compelling soundtrack was one of the major highlights of the movie. The Russian Dnepr MT11 and Honda XL500s really put up a good show in the escape scene!

The Matrix Reloaded

If you have seen this movie, there’s no way you’d have forgotten its most iconic scene. This scene leaves you out of breath with your adrenaline shooting high. The jaw-dropping lane-splitting sequences and the speedy ride against the flow of traffic wouldn’t have been as impactful without a Ducati 996. It’s true that Ducati’s models fit perfectly in big-budget films like The Matrix. The bike used in this film earned the production so much fame that a special ‘Matrix Edition’ bike was created with the newer 998 model!

These motorcycle stunts shouldn’t be attempted in real life. But there’s no way anyone can stop you from feeling like Trinity while riding your own classic bike!

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