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Most Iconic Vintage Designs In Motorcycles


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Most Iconic Vintage Designs In Motorcycles

Daniel Roberts

Motorcycles have not been so popular through the ages for no reason. From Harley Davidson to Honda Super Cub, there’s a long list of vintage motorcycle models. The large variety of bikes is the reason why enthusiasts and bike lovers are able to find something that they like.

It’s fair to say that the hype for bikes has not gone down a notch even with top-grade sedans and luxury four-wheelers entering the market. Motorcycles–classics per say–are distinguished among other vehicles because of a distinct uniqueness that sets them apart.

They’re more than just a means of transport; moving around on a bike is a lifestyle that makes a strong statement.

Here are the most iconic vintage models of motorbikes.

Honda CB77

Known popularly as the Superhawk, the CB77 is from the sportbike range of Honda. It’s powered by the 305cc parallel twin and can send riders above 100 MPH! Crafted out of tubular metal, the CB77 is remarkably flickable. The steel design helped trim some extra weight from this classic model, making it less bulky and quick to dash! It’s no surprise that Robert Pirsig chose to sport this model in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Triumph Bonneville

This model is an unbeatable icon in the market of motorcycles. Even after Triumph motorcycles were no longer being made, Bonneville continued to be produced. This motorbike is a trendsetter and makes a statement of cool wherever it’s seen. The parallel-twin engine has enhanced from 650cc to 865cc but the body remained as sleek and cool as it was originally. McQueen, Brando and Dean are a few stars of the Golden age who opted for this model as their ride of preference. Needless to say, this boosted the popularity of the Bonneville by several ranks.

Harley-Davidson XR750

This model was manufactured to adapt to the changing AMA dirt-track rules and to say the least, the end result came out bigger and better. Harleys have enjoyed many years of domination in the fashion industry and motorcycle market alike. This make was nothing short of the expectations set for the famous brand. The manufacturing team doubled their efforts to create the winningest race bike in history. Harley’s racing department completely blew away everyone with this beauty in the 1970 season. Evel added the cherry on top by picking the XR750 as the bike of choice and initiating a long-lasting trend.

Harley-Davidson XR750.png

Do you own one of these classic motorcycles?

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