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Tips For Newbies Learning To Drive A Bike


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Tips For Newbies Learning To Drive A Bike

Daniel Roberts

Have you always dreamt of sitting on the vintage bike lying in your garage, grab the handles, feel the pedals and set off on the road?

Be it a Harvey or not, an old motor bike does have a classic charm that enchants riders. But not every dreamer is a skilled driver.

Driving a motorcycle is not as easy at first. It’s a lot different than practicing your hand at a four-wheeler. You don’t just have to become an expert at operating a bike but also learn to balance yourself and the vehicle on the road. This way it’s risky for newbies to take a bike out on the road without proper guidance.

Here are a few tips for beginners who are just learning to drive a bike.

Do Your Research

If you don’t have someone who’s well-versed in all the functions of the motorcycle model that you own, do your own research. Read up all you find about your specific model so that there are no surprises when you get to the practical bit. Google every part of the vehicle and read on why and how it’s used. You can also visit bike dealers in your area to get an expert opinion first-hand.

Review Your State Law

This rule is hands down the most important in the list. You need to be fully aware of the legalities condemning and condoning motorcycle driving in your state. This is not only beneficial for your own safety but also important for staying out of trouble. The motorcycle law will contain:

· requirements for operating your bike lawfully

· procedure for getting your license

· mandatory gear to wear on the road

· emergency contacts in case of emergencies

Wear The Gear

If you’re beginning to learn a new skill, start right. The essential gear for driving a bike will keep you safe during unforeseen accidents and emergencies.

Especially during the early stages of your learning, you’re more likely to fail and trip. This can cause serious injuries which will not only hurt but also halt the process of learning. Here’s a few things you need to ride a bike safely:

· Helmet

· Glasses

· Jacket/upper and pants

· Boots/closed shoes

· Gloves

Wear The Gear - Motorcycle Riders.png

Even though some of the above accessories are enforced by law, others aren’t. Regardless, it’s important to wear all whenever you plan to hold the handles of your bike.

Is your classic bike ready to take you out on a trial run?

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