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Harley 2019: What We Know About their Latest Release


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Harley 2019: What We Know About their Latest Release

Daniel Roberts

The heartthrob of all bike lovers, the great Harley Davidson strikes again!

Harley Davidson bikes have been popular world over. Not only are people passionate about these bikes, many spend their life’s savings trying to get hold of one of them.

This iconic brand began in a small shed in 1903. With traditional cruiser motorcycles being their product, the business has grown leaps and bounds to become the giant it is today.

2019 is said to be the year for the 2019 Harley Davidson Live Wire. Here’s everything we have got to know about this powerful motorcycle:


Harley Davidson announced that it would begin working on its first eclectic bike over 5 years ago. At the time, the company had already made it known that they were looking to diversify their audience with their newer products. In 2014, the first version of the LiveWire was sent into motorcycle shows and Harley dealers to get consumer feedback. Then things went silent.

The project seemed to be forgotten since 2014, leaving many to believe that they ditched the idea altogether.


2018 was the year the company spoke about this bike once again. The company seemed more serious about the bike and also gave it its name, “LiveWire”.

The design of this bike remained the same for the most part, to the days of the bike shows. The only addition made to its face as the front cowl. The new design looks more modern than the typical vintage look the company is comfortable with.

The bike’s chassis is built of light-weight aluminum. The exposed bike frame and floating upward tail is different to the usual HD bikes. The naked silhouette is quite unusual for the company. It is quite evident that the company is now trying to get the attention of the youth.

The electric power train is positioned low within the body of the bike to send its weight toward the ground, affecting its center of gravity.

The more rigid chassis make the ride engaging and responsive. The bike is fitted with Brembo front brakes and top of the line traction control. Riders are spoiled for choice with the 7 riding modes to choose from.

New Features

Harley 2019 - New Features.png

Their brand new feature in this bike is the “twist and go”. Because the bike is electric, it doesn’t need a clutch or gear selector. The rider just needs to twist and go!

The LiveWire boasts a speed of going 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. With the help of the H-D connect, owners can access useful information like battery status, and service reminders.

Unlike the traditional Harley, the LiveWire is a low-priced bike, which has come as a pleasant to many potential buyers.

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