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Layer up for Winter Riding


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Layer up for Winter Riding

Daniel Roberts

With the holiday season behind us, it’s time to start the New Year with a bang. The festivities, indulgent food, and lazy days in are all gone.

As a biker, you must experience all types of weather on your bike. Every season has a new experience to offer.

Many bikers think of winters as too harsh a weather to ride in, but with the ride preparation and gear, you can have the best experience.

Even when the temperatures aren’t as low, the wind chill factor plays an instrumental role in your riding experience. Wind chill is the real feel of the temperature outside coupled with the speed you’re traveling at. Let’s say you’re riding at 65mph, the wind chill will make 40° weather seem like 24°.

When gearing up for winter riding, two elements are essential: traditional warming gear and keeping the cold air and moisture out. Here’s our guide on kitting up for winter riding:

A good foundation

winter riding oufit ideas.png


The base layer of any outfit is important in the comfort and overall look achieved. When it comes to winter riding, the base layer is one that sits near your skin. Its main purpose is to provide comfort, but in this case, you want to retain some warmth too.

A base layer is meant to sit snugly on your body. For riding, you need to invest in a set that’s flexible enough to allow mobility as well. An athletic base layer will do too, or snug thermals.


The middle layer is there to retain as much body heat as possible. This layer is comparatively thicker. Clothing made of polyester fleece or any other warm, fluffy material works well.

Outer shell

The outer most layer of a riding outfit plays a significant role. It must seal out any wind and moisture and keep you protected if you do get involved in a crash. The best outer shell to invest in is waterproof gear. Some bikers get away with their leather jackets too.

 Your outer shell must be secure to keep your body warmth in. They need to have drawstrings, zips, Velcro, or buckles.

Neck warmers

Often bikers forget that their neck is still exposed to the cold. Once they’re on the road they experience the bone-chilling wind around their neck which makes for a very uncomfortable riding experience.

Layering accessories

Layering accessories - Gloves.png


A single layer of gloves, socks, and other accessories isn’t enough when the temperatures drop. Experts suggest bikers should wear waterproof boots with thin socks and a pair of thick acrylic socks to keep warm.

The gloves you use should have a Velcro closure so that no cold wind creeps inside. Glove liners are perfect to cover exposed parts of your wrist, they also provide additional warmth. A balaclava is very important this time of year since a helmet won’t offer enough protection on its own.

Now that you are all set for winter riding, it’s time to talk motorcycle maintenance. If you’re looking for a reliable place in New Jersey to have your motorcycle serviced, Classic Cycles has you sorted. We offer motorcycle tire repair and a range of other services. Contact (908) 996-5337 for more information.