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Safety tips for Winter Riding


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Safety tips for Winter Riding

Daniel Roberts

Many consider storing their bikes away during winter season. Sure, that’s an option, but think of how amazing it would be to ride your bike in this weather? With a little preparation and the right kit, you can carry on riding your two-wheeler through the winter too!

Riding a bike, in general, requires more skill and caution. Factors like balance and terrain make a huge difference to the quality of the ride. Here are some safety tips you need to follow this winter:

Always check the weather before you head out

At the end of the day you are riding a bike, so don’t overestimate your abilities. It isn’t wise to step onto your bike when it’s snowing outside or when it’s about to snow. Even if you’re the most experienced rider out there, it’s best to stay out of harm’s way.

Even days when the weather seems clear, be sure to check the roads. Water freezes overnight and forms black ice, which is incredibly dangerous.  Since black ice has a smooth surface, it dramatically reduces traction. Even though you may think the hot tires melt the ice, your grip won’t get any better.

Consider wind chill


With winter riding, you need to take into account the wind chill. This is what the temperature actually feels like. On a windy day, the temperature may seem lower than it really is.

For riders, the wind chill factor greatly affects the quality of their ride. Since you are going against the wind with nothing to protect you, the temperatures can feel 6 to 10 degrees lower than usual. You must dress according to the wind chill factor too.

Braking distances

Wet and snowy conditions increase the chances of skidding and accidents in winter. Braking distances are significantly affected by changes in weather. The vehicle’s weight, braking force, and speed affect braking distances.

Winter gear is a must!

Your entire body is exposed to the cold when riding in winter. You need to be covered from top to toe in appropriate gear for winter. A helmet is a must, make sure there are no gaps that allow air to get through.

Full body thermal layering is a must under your clothing. Heated clothing is the best for riding in winter. A balaclava can prevent your face from going numb in the cold. A neck warmer is the cherry on top of your winter kit, as often riders forget their neck is exposed to the chilly winds.

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