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3 Vows every biker should make this New Year


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3 Vows every biker should make this New Year

Daniel Roberts

With New Year’s around the corner, it’s time to start planning. As a biker, your most valued possession must be your motorcycle; it’s now a part of your personality.  

Bikers know the care and bike maintenance services needed by their two-wheelers. Your bike just isn’t a means for you to get from A to B, it’s an experience.

Become a better biker with these New Year resolutions:

Make sure to cover at least 5k km

We always have an excuse for not being able to take out our bikes. This year, throw all excuses out the window! Make time to ride around the city or even longer road trips. Owning a bike means you’re all about that outdoor life, it’s important to constantly remind yourself of that.

Driving a car around is fun too but a bike is all about the experience. If you have yet to go on a motorcycle road trip, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Fill your tank and head out! Even if you’re out for a day or two, you’ll surely feel rejuvenated.

Doing 5000km a year isn’t too much. Achieving such a goal would mean that you took out precious time for yourself to do something you love, that’s what life is about right?

Camp with your motorcycle

Camp with your motorcycle.png


A night beneath the stars is a bucket list items you need to tick off this year. There is nothing better than spending a night on your own in a tent as your shelter and a fire to keep warm. This New Year, make sure you get your hands on a tent and a sleeping bag. Don’t worry about fitting the stuff on your bike; it’s actually quite easy!

Learn to fix minor problems

Motorcycles require more care and upkeep than a regular car. For those who own vintage motorbikes, you know it requires a lot of TLC. Learn how to fix minor issues with your bike.

With your fast-paced life, you need don’t really get the time to take your motorcycle for repairs, and it often spends days in storage. This year work on getting to know your bike better. Fixing minor issues isn’t difficult. Just buy a set of spanners, pliers, duct tape, and screwdrivers. These tools are enough to change the light bulbs in the front and back lights, tighten the chain, and adjust clutch levers.

If you’re looking for a reliable place in New Jersey to have your motorcycle serviced, Classic Cycles has you sorted. We offer motorcycle tire repair and a range of other services. Contact (908) 996-5337 for more information.