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4 Motorcycles to Look out for in 2019


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4 Motorcycles to Look out for in 2019

Daniel Roberts

Even though we are spoil for choice by manufacturers who keep adding new motorcycles to their portfolio every month, waiting for new arrivals is still an exciting event. Here are some of the most sought-after bikes to be launched in 2019!

Yamaha Niken

The two-wheeled Niken is easily one of the most intriguing motorcycles to ever be manufactured by Yamaha. Equipped with two front wheels, this is the first ever multi-wheel motorcycle in production.

The control system provides unmatched confidence across various road conditions, as well as double grip for exceptional braking, rider comfort, and control on corners. Surprisingly, the natural feel of the steering wheel has still been maintained. This bike features all the latest technologies to boost the rider’s performance.

The bike has a price tag of $15,999 and is surprisingly not the most expensive on this list.

MV AugustaSuperveloce 800

MV AugustaSuperveloce 800.png


This bike is the perfect representation of MV Augusta’s tour. The manufacturer has made sure the bike lives up to its name. Hitting a top speed of 143 mph, the major innovation brought about in this bike is its smart clutch system. This brand new clutch system enables electronic management of the clutch. This technology has taken two years to develop and in order to give tribute to this achievement, a transparent cover was used.

Yamaha Tracer 900 GT

This new release of Yamaha features a fully-adjustable front fork and new rear shock. For simplified tuning, this bike has separate leg damping. There’s been an update in design with a larger windscreen and improved wind protection. The windscreen on this model is taller and has a one-handed adjustment.

As part of the ergonomics upgrade, a narrow handlebar has been fitted in this model, giving it a compact feeling and superior control. The innovative design allows for more legroom for the passenger and the comfortable seats are perfect for long rides.

BMW F750 and 850 GS

BMW F750 and 850 GS.png


Continuing their venture into the bike market, BMW is set to manufacture two bike models. The 750 GS is equipped with Android focus and the 850 is better for dire conditions. Despite the different names and model numbers, these two bikes share the same 2-cylinder four-stroke engine with 853 cc displacement. The main difference between the two is that the 750 delivers 77 horsepower and the 850 delivers 95. The bikes share similar styling too and can be tricky to distinguish at a first glance.

Now that you’re up to date with the latest models, it’s time to talk maintenance. If you’re looking for a reliable place in New Jersey to have your motorcycle serviced, Classic Cycles has you sorted. We offer motorcycle tire repair and a range of other services. Contact (908) 996-5337 for more information.