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Winter Motorcycle Storage Tips


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Winter Motorcycle Storage Tips

Daniel Roberts

You can be one of two kinds of bikers – you either ride all year round or pack your bike away for the winter. Icy conditions make motorbike riding difficult. The winter salt, dirt, and moisture accumulation takes up valuable time to remove. Bikes tend to experience problems with the brake systems as well as battery drainage. If you aren’t willing to put in all that extra effort for winter riding, it’s best to store your bike away.

Here are some tips to correctly store your bike:

Pick A Suitable Place To Store The Two-Wheeler

The area you choose to store your bike in is important. You don’t want it to get dusty or come in contact with moisture of any sort. A garage or common walk-way is a good place to store your bike. It’s less likely to get damaged or wet from the snow. If you don’t have access to a sheltered area to store your bike, invest in a bike cover. It protects your bike against moisture and dirt which can otherwise get lodged deep in the bike.

Invest In Paddock Stands

Invest In Paddock Stands.png


Paddock stands support your bike. They keep it in a balanced position while keeping the weight off the tires. Using two paddock stands is ideal. If you aren’t able to get them, overinflating your tires keeps them in shape for the winter season. Place your bike on an old carpet and regularly change its position. This prevents any flat spots from developing. Don’t forget to bring down the tire pressure when you take it for a spin in spring.

Trickle Chargers

Batteries don’t perform well in lower temperatures. They tend to leak or lose charge. Drained batteries are among the top reasons for motorcycle repair. You have the option to choose between venting the battery completely or investing in a trickle charger.

Trickle chargers are ideal for cold weather conditions. They keep a bike’s battery topped up by releasing short bursts of power. Unlike the former option, you won’t have to spread out your tool set every time you need to start the bike.

Combat corrosion

A bike’s exhaust and silencer are the first to corrode when it’s put in storage. They need to be adequately protected for the winter. Before you put your bike in for seasonal storage, give the exhaust and silencer a coat of light oil or corrosion protectant. Cover it with a breathable material.

Fuel it up

fuel tanks.png


There are very divided opinions on this one. A full tank prevents rusting of the gas tank from the inside. The other opinion is that fuel tanks should be drained out. Petrol tends to lose octane and leaves behind a film. This gunk clogs injectors and carburetors.

Be sure to get one final servicing of the year for your bike before you put it into storage. Classic Cycles offers bikers of New Jersey bike tune-up and maintenance services. We also provide tire replacements, you can choose from our wide range of imported tires. Call us at (908) 996-5337 for more information.