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New To Motorcycle Restoration? Here’s What You Need To Know


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New To Motorcycle Restoration? Here’s What You Need To Know

Daniel Roberts

Maybe it’s for sentimental reasons or maybe you have time on your hands this weekend. Whatever your motivation, motorcycle restoration projects ensure your bike remains in top condition.

If you want to make your favorite two-wheeler as good as new and are wondering just how to return it to its former glory, don’t worry; reversing the harmful effects of age, corruption or disuse in a bike is not rocket science.

Whichever bike you want to restore, here are the 5 primary things you want to check.

1) The Batteries

Before you take your bike for a spin, make sure the battery is in working condition. A quick test includes checking the voltage levels. If they’re at a decent level, the battery might not need immediate replacement.

If you want your motorcycle to run in prime condition, consider installing a new battery. A common misconception is that bike batteries will last forever. If you come across such advertisement claims, needless to say, they are not true. Your automobile’s battery primarily consists of electrolytes; these chemicals break down after a certain period of inactivity.

2) The Plugs

Check the condition of your motorcycle’s plugs. If they appear sooty or damaged, you’ll need to clean them. All you need is wire brush and a carburetor cleaner. If you can’t save it, then consider a replacement.

3) The Carburetor

This item is a major component of your motorbike’s functionality and one that needs your utmost attention. Sometimes the carburetor malfunctions because of accumulation of dirt and grime. E-retailers like eBay and Amazon provide good quality carburetor cleaners at affordable prices. You may even have saved yourself a lot of money by investing in this crucial device.

vintage motorcycle repairs.png


If your bike still won’t start, you may need to purchase a brand-new carburetor. Classic Cycles Ltd offers quick installation services that are reasonably priced.

4) The Gas Tank

Just like an empty mind an empty fuel tank is susceptible to rusting. Examine your motorcycle’s gas tank to ensure that the structure is safe from any rust pit or corrosion. If the tank is rust-free, congrats! However, if your two-wheeler has become a rusty case simply use a gas tank cleaner to rid yourself of the problem.

5) The Motor Oil

Oil changes are a basic yet overlooked aspect of motorcycle restoration. If there’s nothing wrong with your gas tank, your bike might be due for an oil change. Drain the engine’s residual motor oil and add a fresh load of oil to the tank. We recommend using a brand-new oil filter to get optimized results.

If you’d like an expert’s take on it, why not reach out to us? We at Classic Cycles Ltd offer clients top-of-the-line vintage and modern motorcycle restoration, motorcycle rebuilding services and repair services.