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Warning! Your Motorcycle Repair Shop Might Be Cheating You


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Warning! Your Motorcycle Repair Shop Might Be Cheating You

Daniel Roberts

Anybody who owns a motorcycle knows that a trip to a repair shop is an inevitable part of owning a two-wheeler. You can only do so much of the service or repair works yourself (unless of course, you’re a certified MotoGP technician).

So when something complicated pops up, it’s only natural to look for help.

There are many good motorcycle repair shops out there ready to help you. But there are also a few of them that wait for the chance to prey on their customers.

Especially, if you don’t really know much about motorcycles and what’s inside the drive system or the engine, these bad boys will make sure that they don’t let you go off easily without milking you dry.

To protect you from overpaying for your repairs, below we have listed four signs that can help you identify whether your motorcycle repair shop might be cheating you…

Sign #1: Your Bike Mechanic Won’t Show You the Old Part

Oh, so you had a cracked part? And your bike mechanic replaced it with a new one? But did your mechanic show you the old part that he replaced? No? Well, then the chances are that the part was never broken. Your mechanic put in a new part for no legitimate reason, other than to bill you extra for their service.

Sign #2: Your Bike Mechanic Fixed Something Without Getting Your Approval First

The classic line, “Yeah, we saw that it needed fixing too; it could have made the motorcycle unsafe to drive. So you see the next time…”.

And we buy into it!

We think that the mechanic has our best interest at heart.

Gosh, you saved my life. You are a lifesaver!

Man, please fix what we came here for, and if you think a service is really needed, please do ask.

Sign #3: Your Bike Mechanic Doesn’t Want To Explain the Repair Job to You

You must get this service.

This service is critical to the performance of your motorcycle.

But hey, please explain to me why I need it”.

It’s quite complicated, you won’t be able to understand it.  

Dude, if you can’t explain it, why you are even a mechanic?

Sign #4: Your Bike Mechanic is Taking Ages to Fix the Issue

What’s the most expensive tool in a motorcycle repair shop?

That hand bolting your drive chain back into place. And the dishonest motorbike repair shops make sure they charge you plenty for it.

They will run a job late on purpose and something that could have been easily fixed in under an hour, ends up taking FOUR hours.

All this has happened right in front of you, so you can’t even accuse the shop of overcharging you.

What can you do about it?

The best away to avoid bad and dishonest bike repair shops is to take your bike to a mechanic who you know. If you are new in the area, you can always ask your neighbor, friend, relative or office colleague to recommend you a repair shop.  

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