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Though She Be But Old…5 Reasons to Buy a Vintage Bike!


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Though She Be But Old…5 Reasons to Buy a Vintage Bike!

Daniel Roberts

She turns heads wherever she goes.

Though she is but old, she is fierce and everlastingly gold!

Perhaps, Shakespeare would have worded the charm of vintage bikes as is.

They are rare, they are magnificent and they rattle along the roads in their own time warp.

Many of us have seen them on old classic TV shows.

We admire them…let’s be very honest.

And somewhere the desire to own one for ourselves has always crackled with longing in a corner of our hearts.

But probably never too intensely.

Well, if you have always thought about buying a vintage motorcycle, but never seemed convinced enough to pull the trigger on a potential deal, the following five reasons may finally push you into buying one…

Vintage motorcycles are part of our history

You might have ridden one of these beauties yourself back in the good old days. If not, your granddad would have certainly tried it.

Vintage motorcycles are woven into our family history. When we watch them, they trigger memories, regrets, desires.  

Does it get any more personal than that?

Vintage motorcycles have an interesting corporate past

There is a fascinating story behind every vintage cruiser.

Some had their prototypes built in a back shed. Some truly brought a firm back from the dead again. Some had patent disputes surrounding them. Some were produced after a great struggle against the odds.

In short, vintage motorcycles have an interesting corporate past and if corporate stories amuse you, you’ll definitely love owning a piece of the memorable history.

Vintage motorcycles are fun to re-build

The best thing about vintage motorcycles is they can be rebuilt and restored to look better than the machines that exist today. Quite literally.

And not just in terms of appearance, but also in terms of performance.

Vintage motorcycles have great resale value

Buying an old vintage bike in need of repairs can be a financial masterstroke.

You can restore it and resell it for a great price.

Vintage motorcycles have great resale value and as they get older, they only get more expensive— much like a bottle of exotic French wine.

Vintage motorcycles are reliable

They are built like an ox, and they are as reliable as an anvil.

There’s a reason why vintage motorcycles are called “classic” bikes.

So, did we finally manage to convince you to buy a vintage motorcycle?

If yes, check out our vintage motorcycle buying guide.