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Keep Your Bike Alive and Kicking with Routine Motorcycle Maintenance!


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Keep Your Bike Alive and Kicking with Routine Motorcycle Maintenance!

Daniel Roberts

The prospects of racking up hundred thousand miles (and more) on a cruiser without encountering any major repairs may sound a bit ridiculous to some, but it’s entirely possible.

The key is timely bike maintenance!

Motorcycles are as reliable as anvils, especially if you own a late model.

They can notch up hundreds and thousands of miles without any major mechanical misfortune, provided you do your part with maintenance.

Professional and comprehensive bike maintenance is recommended. However, if in between the scheduled professional services, you can perform basic routine maintenance on your own, it can be even better.

What are some areas of routine bike maintenance that you need to keep in check?

Oil and Oil Filter

The bike’s engine oil is what keeps it going. As you put numbers on the odometer, the engine oil loses its performance and efficiency. This can be unhealthy for the engine.

Then, you have the oil filter which keeps the engine and engine oil clean from impurities. With time, the oil filter gets clogged. A clogged oil filter is bad news for your bike.

Therefore, keeping a check on your bike’s engine oil and oil filter is a must. Replace them when their time is due. Refer to your bike’s service manual to find out when should you replace your bike’s engine oil and oil filter.

Tires and Tire Pressure

Your motorcycle tires serve you relentlessly on long urban stretches and short weekend blasts. As such, they will develop wear and lose air pressure.

Riding with underinflated or worn out tires can be unsafe and damaging for your bike’s parts (the braking system) and performance.

It’s therefore vital that you regularly inspect your motorcycle tires for wear and low air pressure.

The Drive System

Your bike’s drive system is what propels your bike on road. It serves as a link between your bike’s engine and tires, transferring the power generated by the engine to your bike’s rear wheel.

Because of dirt and road debris (and all those road bumps), primary components within the drive system are prone to wear and tear. This can affect the efficiency of your drive system, and if an issue is left unaddressed, it can potentially cause a major failure.

Regularly check the parts of your bike’s drive system. If they are loose, adjust them. If they need greasing, lubricate them. Where a part is cracked or broken, get it replaced immediately.

Establishing a routine motorcycle maintenance culture is crucial to keep your bike alive and kicking. The above routine motorcycle maintenance tips can help you establish the much-needed maintenance culture for your bike.

Do you have any other routine bike maintenance tips that you would like to share? Feel free to comment below.

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