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Harley Or Honda? You Decide!


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Harley Or Honda? You Decide!

Daniel Roberts

With advances in technology and appearance redesigns, two-wheelers are becoming ubiquitous in the motorcycle industry. But when it comes down to making the right choice, which motorcycle should you go for?

Currently, Honda and Harley Davidson are two of the most popular motorcycle giants in the market. You can spot a Harley or a Honda at least once each time you go out on the roads. But each comes with its own set of pros and cons. Let’s help you make the right choice!

Place of Origin

One of the key differences between a Honda and a Harley is that the former is a Japanese brand whereas the latter is American made. However, that doesn’t make much of a difference because nowadays, both brands assemble their cruisers within America. Honda deals with providing a vast range of vehicles, from ATVs to cars, and of course, motorcycles. Harley, on the other hand, is known for only manufacturing bikes and bike-related apparel.

Different Approaches

Both brands have their own approaches when it comes to building motorcycles. Honda is known to be more tech-savvy, incorporating all the latest advancements in their models and updating models more frequently. They continue to employ the latest technology and improve their bikes’ performance skills.

Harley Davidson, on the other hand, isn’t much concerned about introducing updates or technological advancement. They generally aren’t interested in following the latest trends but are more geared towards maintaining their own unique brand look. This brings us to our next point …




When it comes to physical appearances, Harley has much more personality than Honda bike models. Harley Davidson bikes are an iconic symbol and are prized worldwide for their retro look and feel. People buy Harleys as a status boost and mostly for the brand name it has become. Classic Harleys have amassed a cult following because of their vintage cruisers.

While Honda takes a more practical approach to external appearance. They prefer a more clean-cut, efficient, almost clinical look. It is easy to spot a Harley, but not so with a Honda as there is nothing quite distinct about them.

Fuel Efficiency

In terms of fuel efficiency, Harleys are known gas guzzlers whereas Honda takes up relatively lesser fuel. So, if you’re buying a Harley, expect frequent trips to the gas station.

In the end, it all comes down to personal choice and preference. Based on which qualities you prefer, make your choice accordingly.

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