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Confused About Which Oil To Use For Your Motorcycle? Don’t Be!


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Confused About Which Oil To Use For Your Motorcycle? Don’t Be!

Daniel Roberts

For every type of motor oil, you’ll likely have ten experts chiming in with their opinion about its pros and cons. The market is saturated with not only different types of premium and not-so-premium engine oils but equally diverse opinions about those oils.  

So, with such a wide variety available, how is an utterly overwhelmed motorcyclist to make the right choice?

The right lubricant not only provides your chopper fuel to run, it also affects its fuel emission, fuel efficiency, and other factors. Choosing the right type can make the world of a difference.

Here’s a low-down on lubricants to help you out.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is a type of engine oil that is refined from crude natural oils. Mineral oils are usually suitable for older models or vintage bikes. They don’t work as efficiently in modern bikes as they require a higher oil spec. They’re a more cost-effective alternative to synthetic-based oils but they offer lesser protection than synthetic oils. They are generally more ideal for commuting or touring bikes as this type of oil needs regular changing.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

Semi-synthetic engine oils are a high-quality blend of refined crude oil mixed in with a bit of some synthetic compound incorporated into the formula. Semi-synthetic oils are usually manufactured to serve as a middle-ground between the two ends of the spectrums: low-grade mineral oil and premium synthetic oil. It combines the best qualities of both types by giving the same high-functioning performance of fully-synthetic lubricants while retaining the cost-effectiveness of mineral-based oils. However, they only offer medium levels of protection for the engine.

Semi-synthetic engine oils.png


Fully Synthetic Oil

Fully synthetic oils are completely man-made and are engineered using a diverse blend of synthetic chemical compounds to achieve the ideal formula. This type of engine oil employs synthetic base stock oil and the oil structure undergoes a molecular change during the chemical processing. The finished product is a mix of premium quality synthetic compounds devised to optimize efficiency and functioning. They offer good levels of engine protection, general cleanliness, and anti-corrosion properties as well. However, they are a bit on the pricier side.

Which One is Best For You?

So, out of these three basic types, which oil is best for your motorcycle? Usually, fully synthetic oils tend to perform better than mineral oils which make them an ideal choice for smooth engine running. But it doesn’t mean all synthetic oils are better than mineral-based oils. It is best to consult your bike’s service manual to figure out which type is best for your bike.

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