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DIY Or Taking It To The Professionals? Reasons Why You Should Get Expert Motorcycle Repair—Now!


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DIY Or Taking It To The Professionals? Reasons Why You Should Get Expert Motorcycle Repair—Now!

Daniel Roberts

So you’re faced with a mechanical breakdown of your vintage motorcycle. Maybe it stalled and won’t start up again; maybe the engine has started sputtering. You wonder if taking the motorcycle to the repair shop is worth dishing out the hourly rate when you could probably fix it yourself.

So you start working on the bike yourself.

Before jumping into fixing your motorcycle yourself, ask yourself the following few questions:

Do I have the skills to do this?

When dealing with something as costly as your bike, you need to be honest with yourself. Do you really have the skills to be undertaking this task by yourself? Do you know exactly what is wrong with the bike and how it can be fixed?

If the answer to either question is “No, I don’t”, you may want to consider taking the bike to a professional instead of trying to fix it yourself. That way, you’re less likely to find yourself arms deep in a project you can’t finish, and have to pay even more than you initially would have had to in order to get an expert to complete the extra work you’ve started.

Do I know how to fix this particular model?

Not all bikes are made alike. You may have prior experience with fixing a bike, but that was a different model than your current one. You thought you knew exactly what was wrong with this bike, only to open it up to find that the part you thought was malfunctioning isn’t even there!

Before starting to work on any bike, open up its service manual and evaluate the repair process. If it all makes sense to you and you feel you’ve got this in the bag, then by all means, proceed! But if it doesn’t, the wiser choice would be to call in an expert immediately.

Do I have the tools necessary to fix this?


While a number of repairs only require the standard tools that you can find in any toolbox, some repairs require specialized tools. These can not only be hard to come by but can also be expensive. Ask yourself if you are willing to dish out the money required for the tool that will probably only be used once or twice. Most professionals already have these tools handy and so going in for a professional repair may be the wiser choice.

Do I have the time to fix this myself?

tools necessary to fix motorycles.png


Caught up in the hubbub of life, it is often difficult to find the time to make elaborate repairs on your bike.

Some parts may also be hard to find, and some repairs could take hours out of your time. Do you have the time to do it yourself? If yes, go right ahead! If no, letting a professional handle the repairs while you deal with other things would be the way to go.

If your answer to any of the above four questions was no, head on over to our frenchtown bike shop NJ. We, at Classic Cycles Ltd. handle all classic motorcycle repairs and provide maintenance and tire change services at affordable rates.