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Why Classic Motorcycles Need Routine Maintenance & Service

Daniel Roberts

There’s no denying the charm that’s characteristic to vintage motorcycles. Once a staple of pop-culture, these classic motorcycles shot to prominence when Hollywood heartthrobs like Steve McQueen and James Dean used them to get around town!

Since the twentieth century, we’ve been obsessed with how incredible these bikes look and how amazingly they handle. But what most people don’t realize is that to keep them looking pristine and to keep them fully functional, a lot of time, effort, and attention is required!

Here’s why classic motorcycles need routine maintenance and service.

Metal Rusts and Corrodes With Time:

It’s a grim reality that all metals corrode with time. In fact, the effects of rust and corrosion are so horrific that NACE international has claimed that more 2.5 trillion dollars are spent annually to minimize its effects!

As far as vintage motorcycles are concerned, they too are exposed to the dangers of corrosion. This problem can increase exponentially especially if you’re too laid back and don’t oil and wash your classic bike as often as it needs to be cleaned.

Unchecked amount of corrosion can gnaw away at the frame of the bike, making not just an eye sore but incredibly uncomfortable to drive. This underlines the importance of routine maintenance and shines some light on why classic motorcycles need regular maintenance.

Bald Tires are a Hazard:

Ever look at the tire of your car or motorcycle and wonder why they have fancy lines on them? Turns out, these lines (commonly called treads) aren’t there for aesthetics but have a very vital role to play as far as the drivability of the vehicle is concerned.

In particular, the most important use of these treads is to prevent hydroplaning from occurring. For those of you who don’t know, hydroplaning is when a layer of water builds up between the tire and the road (for example when you drive over a puddle).

Now, if your tires weren’t to have these all-important treads, your vehicle would skid out of control every time you drove over a relatively wet terrain. This is the problem that plagues classic motorcycles.

Prolonged contact with the surface of the road causes tires to lose their treads over time, which results in a significant loss of traction. As a result, vintage motorcycles must be serviced in regular intervals so as to ensure that this never becomes a health and safety concern and that you can safely drive your retro vehicle.

Gradual Degradation of Crucial Elements:

Apart from the frame and the tires, other crucial elements like spark plugs, carburetor, the gearbox and the brake plate, etc. also degrade with time. As all these parts of the motorcycle are fundamental to its performance and functionality, the importance of routine maintenance and servicing becomes crystal clear when you add them to the equation.

Classic Cycles LTD is obsessed with vintage motorcycles and wants to see every classic bike restored to its former glory. This is why we offer tune-up and maintenance services classic british motorcycles in our bike shop in Frenchtown which can revert years of damage and bring your motorcycle back to its prime!

Give your vintage motorcycle the love it deserves by getting in touch with us today!