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Tuning and Maintaining Your Bike after Long Storage

Daniel Roberts

Given the fact that most bikers put away their bikes for the winter, spring and summer present them with a unique challenge. We’re of course talking about restoring your trusty stead back to its former glory – a task easier said than done! It goes without saying that there are numerous factors that you need to take into account before you can take your bike out for long trips.


To ensure that our readers never suffer from major engine and transmission issues, we’ve compiled a short maintenance guide that details all you need to know about tuning your bike. Follow this simple guide to save up on repair and maintenance costs, especially if you’re taking your bike out of a long storage.

Step #1 – Get The Dust Off:

Depending on how long you’ve stored your motorcycle for, there’s a high chance that it will be covered with a lot of dust. Given the fact that dust is a major health concern and can impede your vision from identifying critical issues, it’s of utmost importance that you clean your bike before we proceed any further.

Start by using a standard cleaner like the Simple Green, a toothbrush, and a napkin or a towel. Douse the liquid cleaner on the napkin and use it to clean everything from the frame of the motorcycle to the pedals and the brakes. Use the toothbrush to scrub parts that are bit harder to reach and soon you’ll have completely rid your bike of dust.

Step #2 – Inspect the Tires:

As far as restoring your bike to its former glory is concerned, taking care of the tires is a very crucial step. How thorough you need to be with your bike’s tires depends on how you chose to store the vehicle. For example, if your bike was stored in such a way that it was suspended off the ground, the tires will only require a visual inspection.


On the other hand, if you made the mistake of resting the motorcycle on its center stand, the tires might be intended. This has major repercussions on the performance of the vehicle and can adversely affect your biking experience.

Therefore, you need to check for flat spots and readjust the pressure of the tires. However, if you find that your tires are too far gone, you can always search for new ones online!

Step #3 – Engine and Fuel System Maintenance:

Once the tires are brought up to the mark, you need to analyze the performance of the engine and the gearbox. Furthermore, it’s also a wise idea to check the oil in these components as a severe lack of lubricant can cause serious problems for your vehicle in the long run.

Similarly, you need to inspect the fuel system. If a fuel stabilizer was added to the bike before storage, there’s a high chance you only need a refuel before you’re ready to hit the road. However, if no stabilizer was added, we’re afraid you will need to be more thorough with the tuning.

By far the easiest way to tune and maintain your bike is to bring it into our bike shop in French town. We offer reliable bike tune-ups and maintenance services that will restore your bike to its former glory in no time!


Get in touch with us today to ensure that your biking experience remains as fun as ever!