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A Guide to Performance Tuning Motorcycle Engines

Daniel Roberts

It goes without saying that you simply cannot expect top-notch performance from your motorcycle, sporting a stock tune (settings). Given the fact that all bikers are unique and drives in their own unique way, the motorcycle must,therefore,be adjusted to enhance the overall biking experience of the person riding the bike.

Given the fact that the average biker knows very little about how to tune the bike to get the most out of it, we’ve compiled a short guide that tells you all you need to know about the process. So, if you’ve ever felt that your motorcycle wasn’t as responsive as you’d like it, here’s how you can tune it to meet your needs!

Why Tuning Matters:

There are countless reasons why you should think about tuning your motorcycle engine. To understand why tuning matters so much, we must first understand what it is and how it works. Ride Apart defines it as the process of bringing the components of the engine in perfect harmony with each other which results in improved performance.

Therefore, it’s important to think of performance tuning not as the act of installing the most heavy-duty camshaft or the biggest cylinder head but rather as the process of bringing all the essential components of the motorcycle in harmony with each other. This will result in a more rewarding biking experience and ensure that your bike is custom-tailored to your needs.

The Importance of the Cylinder Head:

While the cylinder head has a lot of useful functions, we’ll only be talking about one function as far as performance tuning. As everyone knows that the cylinder head is positioned on the top of the combustion chamber and helps in optimizing the gas flow.

Thereby, by changing the position of the cylinder head, any biker can maximize the flow of gases into and out of the combustion chamber. This improves the volumetric efficiency of the motorcycle’s engine and can even increase the horsepower of your bike!

The Location of the Camshaft:

As far as performance tuning is concerned, the location of the camshaft is adjusted to open the valves in the engines more quickly. Furthermore, a modified camshaft also has somewhat of an overlap which basically means that the inlet and the outlet valves are open simultaneously.  

While you can always just modify your stock camshaft to achieve the desired effect, we strongly caution against it because it can cause serious engine damage. We highly recommend using modified camshafts that are specially designed to function in the capacity that you intend to use them in.

Focus on the Cooling System:

It’s common knowledge at this point that a performance-tuned motorcycle engine generates more heat than its stock counterpart. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance that you invest in an auxiliary cooling system.In recent years, bikers have started fitting their engines with an oil cooler that can effectively nullify the extra heat and make things much safer for you.


If that sounds like too much work or if you want an instant upgrade on your vehicle, why not head over to our bike shop in Frenchtown? We provide excellent bike tune-ups and maintenance services that will enhance your biking experience and making riding your bike safer and more fun!

Contact us today to give your motorcycle the performance-tune that it deserves!