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Top Christmas Gifts A Biker Would Love


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Top Christmas Gifts A Biker Would Love

Daniel Roberts

Christmas shopping is always a nightmare! You never know what to get your friends and family. You have to keep in mind all their preferences, like, and dislikes. You want them to love the gift, but what if you don’t know what they will like? If you have a biker friend, folk, or partner, here are some options for you:

Trickle charger

If a bike is left for long periods of time in storage or a parking area, chances are their batteries have run out. Bikes tend to discharge, particularly in the winter months. So get your loved one a trickle charger, it will be handy during the winter and spring months. They help to keep bike batteries charged by letting out small bursts of power. They are perfect for extended downtime or harsh conditions.

Neck warmers

Christmas is the time when many exchange socks. It’s the most gifted item of the festive season. This isn’t a unique or well-thought of gift for a biker. Instead, get them a neck warmer. No matter how snazzy their jackets are or how warm they keep them, the cold wind hitting at their neck is highly uncomfortable. A good quality thermal for the neck can keep them cozy as they ride.

Tire gauge

Tire gauge - motorcycle shops near me.png


The level of air in a bikes tire is really important to control. It impacts the ride. Don’t let your friend be reliant on the tire gauge of the garage. Buy Get a tire gauge so that they can accurately measure the level of inflation. It won’t cost you much; around $20.

Riding gloves

Winter riding gloves are a Godsend. They protect rider’s hands from the cold and allow them to access the handlebar as usual. Riding gloves have three slots for fingers to allow movement.

Bike cover

While this might not be the most glamorous gift on the list, it’s highly practical. A bike cover works as a protective covering, particularly in the winter months. A bike cover prevents dust, and moisture from getting onto and into the bike. Their prices range between $20 to $60.

Tank bags

Motorbikes aren’t ideal in terms of storage. There don’t have many options for a rider to store their belongings on. A tank bag is a functional accessory to have on a bike. Your biker friend will thank you for this!

These bags can either be magnetic and latch onto the body of the bike or have straps to secure it in place. It can hold items like a wallet, phone, drinks, and food.  

Biker merch

Classic Cycles LTD - bike tune-ups and maintenance.png


You could also get your friend a good old biking t-shirt. We have sleeveless and with sleeve t-shirts on sale. You’ll not only be giving them a handy gift but also introducing them to a reliable motorcycle repair service.

Classic Cycles is a renowned company for bike tune-ups and maintenance. We offer many other bike related services and cater to vintage bikes as well. Call us at (908) 996-5337 for more information.