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Is There a TIG Weld Advantage for Motorcycles?


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Is There a TIG Weld Advantage for Motorcycles?

Daniel Roberts

MIG and TIG continue to be the two primary welding procedures using for motorcycles today.

MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas Welding. TIG is short for Tungsten Gas Welding. Here, we’re focusing on TIG welding, and what it offers for motorcycle restoration and modification.

TIG Characteristics and Its Process

The TIG welding process involves a non-consumable electrode made from tungsten. It is used with a shielding gas that protects the joints of the welding puddle. Unlike MIG, the TIG weld uses a separate rod for the procedure which is fed into that puddle. MIG has a rod incorporated within the weld machine, which makes it easier to use.

TIG requires precision. Therefore, it should only be handled by a professional. This is why TIG is slightly more expensive as well. Here are some reasons why TIG is a much better option for precision customizations in your motorcycle.

Why Should You Try TIG?

1. Works for Numerous Metals and Alloys

TIG can be used to fuse and repair multiple alloys and metals such as:

· Steel

· Stainless steel

· Aluminum

· Chromalloy

· Nickel Alloys

· Copper

· Bronze

· Brass

· Magnesium

· Gold

As a useful welding process, TIG isn’t just utilized for motorcycles. Many also use it to fix doors handles, fenders, lawn mowers, bike frames and more. TIG is also used in various positions; horizontal, vertical, flat and overhead, and is the ideal weld choice for any fixes in roll cages and confined areas.

2. Creates Clean, High Quality Welds

Due to its precise weld puddle control and superior arc, TIG results in cleaner welds, which is quite appealing for those concerned about aesthetics. TIG welding is used for various cosmetic welds for automotive purposes and sculpturing. The process also doesn’t give off any sparks or spatter, since the welder controls the amount of filler metal that is added to the weld puddle. There is also no slag or flux since the argon gas used, keeps the puddle protected from contamination.

TIG welding also does not produce any smoke and fumes, unless its base metal hasn’t been cleaned. Any elements or contaminants such as grease, oil, lead, paint or zinc may cause fumes and smoke.

3. Uses Only One Shielding Gas for all Applications

This is mainly for the welder’s ease. Because the TIG weld only uses Argon for all metals and thickness, the shop only needs to have that gas for all its welding projects

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