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Wheels on Reels:  The Style of Vintage Motorcycle Tires


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Wheels on Reels: The Style of Vintage Motorcycle Tires

Daniel Roberts

When it comes to the wheels of your motorcycles, there’s really not much thought put into it. After all, they’re just rubber hoops that come between the bike and roads!

However, when you’re looking at vintage motorcycles, it’s crucial that you pay attention to the style of their tires.

How exactly did these vintage tires progress to how they are now? Well, this post will take you on a short trip to finding out.

Looking at the performance

The main function of motorcycle tires is not to be a buffer between the road and the bike; rather, its ability to grip.

Vintage motorbikes were first made mainly to cater to this function.

Remember, the ride is always meant to be safe and pleasant and that wouldn’t be possible with the wrong tires. The tires also give you the idea of how well the grip is by sending you feedback through your hands and backside.

Through that, you can control just how well you’re able to drive it. This also matters depending on the traffic, the road, and weather conditions.

Tires in the earlier days

Tires haven’t always been considered as technological advancements and rather been taken as strips of rubber on the motorbike.

However, earlier tires were taken as leaps towards comfort, they were still susceptible to not only punctures but also loose grip, especially on wet roads.

That means more chances of slipping. For years on end, motorcyclists had spare tubes just because puncture was so common back then. At the time, seeing cyclists on the side, changing tires was actually no sight of concern!

Moving ahead

With the growth of heavier, faster and more powerful bikes, the tires had to be modified accordingly.

That means they became tougher—the rubber was much thicker with tread patterns well enough to grip to the changing road surfaces.

This is why tires for off-roads are designed to provide traction. That’s not the case with sports tired which provide excellent grip, traction and smooth tarmac.  

Modern tires, vintage bikes

Classic bikes, of course, need vintage tires but this comes with a major plus point—modern manufacturing and technology!

That’s why these tires are more in demand especially at bike shows where modern bikes are fitted with these. It excels at all the areas to address bike concerns.

You can get more information on motorbikes as well as get different services for your bike and custom fabrication services for motorcycle on our website. Simply contact us for more information and we’ll help you with any concerns you may have.