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Motorbike Myths—Busted!


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Motorbike Myths—Busted!

Daniel Roberts

When you’re out there, flying through the streets on your motorcycle, there’s no questioning the turning of the heads.

The sense of freedom. The exhilaration. For some of us, it’s an unbeatable feeling.

But ever heard those ridiculous myths that threaten the experience?

Debunking The Myths!

When it comes to myths regarding motorbikes, it’s hard to differentiate between legitimate facts from actual myths. Here are a few myths that are usually known about motor bikes:

Myth #1: Lay the bike on the ground, you’re about to crash!

Here’s what’s wrong with this: by laying the bike when you’ve foreseen a crash, you’re going to slide further than normal.

This myth can only be useful if you’re on dirt when the handlebar and footpegs etc. start to dig up on the dirt better than the tires can.

So what do you do when you’re about to crash?

Press down on the brakes and leave your bike standing upright. If you try this, the traction will sufficiently slow it down.

Myth #2: Full face mask? You won’t be able to see!

If you’ve ever ridden a bike, then you’ve definitely heard this myth.

However, this is actually very far from the truth! You need helmets that could cover your face because when you’re riding a bike, you have absolutely no protection from the outside. That means you’ll have to experience getting smacked by bugs, water, debris and wind. But the major point of full masks is that it’ll protect you if you ever face an accident.

Myth #3: You ride in the rain, you ride to die!

While it is true that riding your bike in a rainy season makes it quite dangerous, however, that’s for the olden days.

Everything’s evolving now; and with it, so are bikes: they’re now treated for preventing rust; the tires have better grip, especially for wet roads; the gear are much developed to protect against and prevent accidents!

When you share a passion for riding, don’t let myths hold you down! Taking your classic bike out for a spin? Make sure it’s kept in top shape.

We share your passion. Contact us to get expert advice on your vintage motorcycle restoration. As the classic bike shop, we help you address all your classic bike concerns!