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What Is Motorcycle Restoration All About?


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What Is Motorcycle Restoration All About?

Daniel Roberts

Thinking about going for a makeover for that classic old motorcycle sitting in your garage? We are talking about the complete roundup of components, revised to perfection. A basic restoration process will cover the repairs, replacements and refinements.

The result: a suave, sleek motorcycle, worthy of a central display in a museum.

Revamping Your Ride

Before you head out to get your ride restored, know how this extensive process will go.  

An overall restoration is more than just a new pair of tires and a new paintjob. Classic bikes required more component specific attention, give that these vintage mechanics are a different construct then their contemporary counterparts.

Motorcycle rebuilding services consist of first assessing the ride. The expert will inspect the build to fine-tune the details of its age, origin and use. These factors help them determine which parts of your bike need repair, and what parts are in needs of a renewal.

Attention to a bike’s heritage in crucial. Whether your ride is the pride of a local manufacturer, or an old Japanese origin, or manufactured by the British specialists—comprehensiveness in details of its parts is essential.  

Next up, the technician will determine your preference for your bike’s outlook. Remember that the different aspects of restoration will contribute to its structure, and you will be advised on the ways you can choose services that retain your bike’s vintage style.

Fundamental motorcycle restoration services include:

· Repair/ replacement for visible parts (chrome plates, frame, trim)

· Tire replacement

· Restoration for internal components (electrical wiring, engine, braking system, cooling system)

· Oil and gas changes

In most professional bike repair shops, the engine will be rebuilt alongside the re-paints and re-chromes for external surfaces, such as fenders and fuel tanks. Performing the processes of upgrades and repairs side by side allows the technicians to speed up the process and minimize the restoration time.

The levels of attention and work standard remain optimum, even with multiple same-time processes. The completion time will differ for different restoration plan.

Additionally, the pricing for your services will also depend on your vehicle, and the extent of services you opt for.

At Classic Cycles Ltd, we provide excellent vintage motorcycle restoration services. Whether it is a first-time restoration for that age-old bike that does not seem to run, or revisiting working parts, a bike restoration service will rehabilitate your prized ride into its former, classic glory.

Reach out to us. Call us at (908) 996-5337 to get pricing estimate and turnaround time for your motorcycle restorations.