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Ways To Upgrade Your Classic Motorcycle


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Ways To Upgrade Your Classic Motorcycle

Daniel Roberts

The charm of owning and riding a debonair two-wheeler is incredible. However, a time comes when these prized possessions start losing their “newness”, and need some considerate attention.

Vintage motorcycles are no exception; though these rides may be of age old construct, celebrated for their classic outlook, a few upgrades ensure it runs smoothly for a long time.

Promote the wheels

The first and simplest you can go about refurbishing this classic machine is getting a new pair of wheels. Depending on what purpose you have claimed its ownership, opt for motorcycle tire change services.

If your ride is primarily purposed for storage and show, you can take some liberties with designs, adding old-school patterns.

However, if your ride is showcased along the regular street vehicles on a regular basis, consider a surface with a better grip textures and lasting materials.

Systemize the chain and sprocket

Assuming that your vintage ride is not shaft driven and has a chain and sprockets, spare a thought towards replacing these two significant parts of your bike.

If your bike has been sitting idle for a long time, chances are that your chain is rusted. If the bike has been in extensive use, the chain is likely to be stretched out. In either of these cases, switch out the old chain for new one

Additionally, if your sprockets are starting to resemble shark teeth—that is, if they are worn down and bent—go ahead and upgrade those too.   

Bring up braking efficiency

Braking systems take the next rank for motorcycle upgrades. Ride any bike with a worn out braking system, and then ride a same construct with improved front-brake pistons and newly-fitted pads—the difference of progress is apparent.

When it comes to classic motorcycles, the choices for revamping brake systems are limited, given that these have an impact on the original exterior style. However, you can opt for various upgrades customized to enhance the overall braking efficiency while retaining the vintage “aura” of your ride.

Complete the battery check

Most classic bikes have outdated batteries, given that the collectors keep these for display purposes.  An old, low-capacity battery will not make the cut for timely rides out on the streets.

Get your current battery sized up, check for standard voltage setup, and check the markets for a new battery.

motorcycle shop in New Jersey

Vintage motorcycles can be amped up by an expert to be incorporated with something more advanced than traditional lead-acid batteries.   

 Looking for motorcycle shops in New Jersey to get these upgrades? Classic Cycles Ltd is just the place to help you get your classic ride transformed!