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Blast from the Past: A Look Back To Early Honda Motorbikes


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Blast from the Past: A Look Back To Early Honda Motorbikes

Daniel Roberts

People with a passion for bikes understand the unique charm that each one holds.

It’s not only about the body work; rather, the different way each bike operates and feels—the rev of the engine, the sound it makes as you accelerate.

While some may top off the others, there’s really no way to truly place ranks when it comes to vintage motorcycles.

Coming in succession with the top most motorbike brands such as Harley Davidson, Honda bikes hold their own charm in wooing away passionate bikers. Through the years, since its first inception, Honda grew to become a great brand dedicated to creating ideal motorbikes.

Trip down memory lane

Starting its embodiment of the future, Honda motorcycles began as ordinary bikes but still held class and perfection in every part of it.

The start

Starting with the 1949 Dream D, this Honda motorbike began as a custom bike which held quite an aesthetic.

The myth behind motorbikes being used only by criminals began with its inception. The rough exterior gave it the look that fell out of mainstream bikes and it began with the first semi-automatic transmission. With 3 horsepower power and a 98cc single cylinder engine, this was considered as the “the dream” by those bike enthusiasts back in the day.

Moving on

From then on end, Honda started its creation of various other bikes from sports bikes to cruisers and choppers as well.

Several years down the lane, 2011 brought about Honda’s great success in excelling at motorbike productions.

The CBR 250R marked the first of the many Honda sports bikes to come. With an easy-to-ride improvement in its bodyworks, this bike brought about the “heavy” look induced in the classic, old fashioned motorbike.  

With a 249.5cc single cylinder engine and a 788mm seat, this bike brought in comfort along with its essence of style. The tires were made to provide better grip onto the surface of the roads and no less amount of traction to avoid a fatal slip.

The final piece

The 2017 Honda Gold Wing takes the position of being amongst the greatest milestone in Honda’s motorbike collection. With a heavy 1,832 cc engine and an 88kW power, it’s a major succession from the first bike it created. This bike started off with several prototypes to perfect itself to the final product. 

 To know more about Honda bikes and to avail excellent mechanic services, contact us and we’ll help you address any concerns. Our team of experts are ever ready to assist you in your journey to perfecting your vintage motorcycle restoration. As a motorcycle shop in New Jersey, we help with your bike tune-up and maintenance.