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Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Classic Bike Restored For The First Time


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Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Classic Bike Restored For The First Time

Daniel Roberts

Maybe you came across a new magazine article, or an online enthusiasts’ forum, or even heard your coworker describing their new classic British ride.

Resultantly, you decide to have a vintage ride motorcycle refurbished.

This is no simple task: vintage motorcycle restoration requires extensive expertise, and needs to be approached in a methodical way. Classic rides a have a personality, and require attention to both style and functionality, especially when remodeling for the first time.

Before you wheel out that classic machine, you need to keep a few things in mind. For starters, make sure you can follow up with keeping and maintaining the. Most classic bike owners fall back of providing enough work and maintenance to a vintage bike. These classic machines are an incredible investment, increasing in worth as time goes on.

Examining investments

Ask yourself: do I have enough spare cash for this restoration?

· We are not just talking about the upgrades and repairs here. A bike, especially a vintage one, requires adequate power and heat costs, as well as a safe rented/ owned garage space.

· As for the restoration itself, you will need to focus on fulfilling all the basic repairs and replacements. A restoration job left incomplete halfway through the process is terrible idea.

· Regardless of how it looks, if the surface refurbishments are complete, a non-working bike will not encompass the same charm as a complete build.

Something for something

Restoration of a vintage bike requires commitment, in terms of both time and money. As it happens, most vintage bike owners try experimenting with saving costs, attempt quick-fixes.

As specialized in bike repairs as they may be, even a tech-savvy friend of yours may not be able to provide all repairs and replacement parts for a vintage ride, especially if the ride is of a non-local heritage.

restoring vintage motorcycles


Remember this: when it comes restoring your vintage bike, you cannot get something for nothing. A large percentage of overall restoration cost is allotted to replacement parts. You will have to lay out cash for these parts and specialized restoration tools, such as paints and polishes, regardless of paying for the services themselves.

Why not minimize the risk of shoddy work, and go for a complete professional workup?

On Board S.S. Restoration!

Whatever services you want for your vintage ride, we can help you! At Classic Cycles, we will conduct a meticulous assessment on your bike, and provide services to make it look and perform better, and last longer.

Get to know more about what our vintage motorcycle mechanics can do for your ride. With a rich history in performing bike tune-ups and maintenance services, our experts know just what your bike needs to transform it into a compelling ride!