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Classic Motorcycle Nationalities: Where’s yours from?


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Classic Motorcycle Nationalities: Where’s yours from?

Daniel Roberts

Owning a vintage motorcycle can be very rewarding, but it does come with an impressive list of frustrations, troubles and tribulations as well.

When buying your first classic bike, it is important to consider more than just its vintage good looks. Also think about the ease of ownership and the kind of work it will need to regain its glories days.

Take for example a classic unique bike made right after WW1. It might look very appealing but restoring and maintain it will be a major headache.

On the other hand, something from the 50s and 60s will offer you all the benefits of owning a classic bike, but with the added advantages of good spares availability and support groups for owners.

Where the bike was manufactured can also give you a few clues about the kind of attitude you can expect from it.

Japanese Vintage Motorcycles

Japanese motorcycles were rushed to American markets in the 60s and 70s and haven’t really left since. The Yamahas, Suzukis and Hondas from that era are available at affordable prices. The great ride is complemented by reliability and superior braking. However, you might also have to deal with higher costs of aftermarket parts.

American Vintage Motorcycles

One word: Harley-Davidson!

The 60s and 70s saw the onslaught of three engine platforms, namely the Ironhead, Panhead and shovelhead.

The last model for the Panhead was issued in 1965, and since then, has become the most sought-after model for vintage bike enthusiasts across the country. We are talking first generation of electric starters in a Harley-Davidson big twin.

European Vintage Motorcycles

1970s brought us some of the best motorcycles from Europe. Both Ducati and Norton are an immensely valuable investment for any sports bike rider interested in vintage bikes.

In addition to striking good looks, these models offer superior performance chops and an enjoyable ride. Triumph is also a good option for anyone in need of a vintage entry level bike that delivers on good looks as well as performance.

But for someone who wants style, elegance and vintage drama to go along with it, BMW is the ultimate choice from the European marquee.


Here at Classic Cycles Ltd., we love a good vintage bike. Our experts understand the needs of these classic motorcycles and know just how to restore them to their former glories. As local custom motorcycle builders, we work with all makes and models of these vintage bikes. And we’d love to help you with your bike restoration project.

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