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First Time Restoration of a Classic Motorcycle – What to Work on


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First Time Restoration of a Classic Motorcycle – What to Work on

Daniel Roberts

Bikes are fun!

Especially when you talk about a classic number, bikes are an essence of class and elegance which takes you back in to the mysterious era of glamour.

But restoring your classic number back to its glorious days is a long process that requires dedication, mechanical skills and organization. On average restoring a motorcycle is beyond anyone who doesn’t possess good mechanical skills. Also for the mechanic to be exceptionally organized is of utmost importance, especially if they are working on a classic rare bike, for which the parts are difficult to find.

Every restoration requires a set of organizational sequences of dissembling and assembling the bike. All parts have to be kept in different containers and each part kept properly labeled and organized.

If you want your bike to be restored to its original glory and actually have it up and running, knowing which part goes where is, without a question, of utmost importance.

Bike Restoration

Being organized is important. For the right restoration results, follow this sequence:


Prepare your workshop for the process— this includes arranging and assembling all the necessary equipment, from cleaners, to sprays to containers and heavy-duty weight carriers.


Know which model you are working on and if the spare parts are available or not. If the model requires any specific process to be followed it will save you a lot of time beforehand.


At this point, you know which model you are working on and all about its specifications. This is where you are about to dissemble the whole bike and start off the process.


The importance of photography cannot be emphasized enough. By the time you are done with restoration process your bike will be beyond recognition and there is a high chance your spare parts will not be recognizable as well. Taking pictures right now will help you in the long run.

Also while you dissemble the components, taking picture of each of the item will help you in assembly.


This may seem like the easiest part of the bike, and one would think you could perform this task yourself before you hire a pro— but no— that is actually not the case, since this is the most crucial part of bike restoration. If the bike has been long untouched you would want to be extra careful to take the components off. There is a whole process of dissembling the engine, which can be performed by a professional.


Waiting for your components to come back in the midst of reassembly can be frustrating, it is ideal thus to send the parts as soon as possible after the disassembly, so that when you get to the assembling you already have your parts.

Electrical Wiring

Wiring is a critical component of the entire process. The key to make it easy? Organizing.

Labeling and organizing the appropriate wires into color segments as deem fit, will help in the assembly process. A good mechanic will always ensure good ground connectivity before harnessing the all ground connections.

Spare Parts.png


Spare Parts

Finding the right part should be a process done right after your dissembling process. This will save you a lot of time and hassle. There are models for which the parts are not so easy to find. It is perfectly sensible to say that locating the spare parts for your bike beforehand and ordering while you focus on other repairing can save you a lot of time.

Finally, serious attention to details is necessary throughout the process of restoration. Your classical bikes are one of a kind and only the professional will be able to perform the restoration without any mishap. A professional hand will ensure that your bike is restored to its original glory and you get the satisfaction of classic elegance.

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