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How Your Bike’s Exhaust Affects its Performance


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How Your Bike’s Exhaust Affects its Performance

Daniel Roberts

While a bike’s exhaust system does work remove toxic fumes and gases from its system; that is not its only function.

When adjusted with a muffler, your exhaust system helps reduce noise as well, which can be especially helpful if you have a bike with a more powerful engine. In addition, the exhaust impacts the way your engine performs, since it increases the engine’s horsepower by being less restrictive. However, this does not mean that removing an exhaust altogether would make your engine powerful.

Your exhaust system and engine are designed to work together in harmony. If you remove the exhaust, you introduce air directly into the system through the wrong direction. Consider what would happen if you were then to drive your bike at high speeds. Also, without an exhaust system connected to your engine, you would risk legal action and your bike’s performance. Not to mention that you’d also end up losing your hearing.

Modifying Your Bike’s Exhaust

If you’re thinking of modifying your bike’s exhaust system, determine the factors that would change alongside. Modifying your exhaust in any way would not only impact your engine life and power, it would also affect your mileage, torque, acceleration and top speed. This can go either way though.

This is why it’s important that you only take your bikes to professionals who are experienced in motorcycle design and are knowledgeable about a bike’s performance capabilities and what changing its components may mean. Otherwise, any replacement or modification would impair your bike’s overall functioning.

When changing any bike’s exhaust system, make sure that the equipment suits the bike’s technical and physical specifications. All components should attach and fit into the bike properly, and should meet the system’s capabilities so it can work for longer.

A Complete Exhaust Replacement

If you’re considering an entire system overhaul, purchase components that would increase your motorbike’s performance while reducing its overall weight. So for example, if you have a flow-resisting exhaust system that’s heavy, exchange it for free-flow lighter exhaust system. The ideal choices would be systems with carbon fiber or titanium components.

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