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Maintaining a Restored Vintage Motorcycle – What to Do


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Maintaining a Restored Vintage Motorcycle – What to Do

Daniel Roberts

Vintage motorcycles are a thing of beauty. Combining the power of industrialization with innovation, this gorgeous machinery works in perfect tandem for years at a time. So it’s only fitting that it receives the care it deserves for its decades of service.

As a motorcycle owner, it is your responsibility to learn all you can about your possession. And as a professional vintage motorcycle service, it is our job to be that voice of guidance!

Taking Care of Your Restored Vehicle – Here’s what you should do

Use Chain Lube for Your Chain, Spray Lubricant for Other Parts

Chains for your motorcycle require heavy-duty lubrication to withstand dust and dirt. For other parts, use a water-based lubricant to keep the mechanical parts clean. Keep in mind that while you can use a light lubricant for your chains as well, it should only be used as a cleaner for plastic and metal surfaces.

Use Automotive Soap instead of Household Cleaners to Wash Your Bike

Made specifically for cars and motorcycles, these soaps allow you to clean your vehicle easily while removing all traces of dirt or residue.

You can use soapy water as a start, but for the main wash, use a mitt, and rinse it in clean water (so you don’t get any grime or dirt back on your bike). You’ll see a notable difference in your vehicle’s appearance.

Be Gentle When Washing Your Motorcycle

Never use a power washer!

The high pressure of a power washer can damage your vehicle. Instead, use a hose or a simple bucket of water and be gentle. The bike itself is small enough. Using a power wash won’t shorten your cleaning time.

Never Scrape/Scrub any Marks

Bikes get stubborn marks all the time. They don’t damage your bike, unless you try to scrub them away with excessive force and cause a permanent scratch. Use a moist cloth and lay it on top of the mark. That will soften it up. Then, wash away with a hose.

Apply a Protective Wax after you clean it

If you don’t want to spend too much time buffing and polishing those wheels, it’s okay. But we recommend a coat of wax to protect that restored pain job. After washing, use some good quality wax to create a protective seal on the surface to keep the effects of UV rays and any destructive contaminants out.

Use an Electric Leaf Blower to dry it

You don’t need your bike dripping when you take it out for a ride. Use a leaf blower (electric, not gas. Gas blowers blow specks of oil when you use it. Use the blower to get the water out of all those nooks and crannies so your motorcycle is completely dry.

Use an Electric Leaf Blower to dry Vintage Motorcycle.png


Got a Vintage Motorcycle?

From vintage motorcycle restoration to basic bike tune-up and maintenance, we offer expert services for all your motorcycle needs!

Contact us or call (908) 996-5337 to have your classic motorcycle restored to its former glory. And follow the tips above to maintain its timeless beauty!