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Which Motorcycle Parts Can Be Replaced or Restored?


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Which Motorcycle Parts Can Be Replaced or Restored?

Daniel Roberts

A worthy investment, the allure of vintage motorcycles lies not only in its powerful machine but in the piece of history it represents. It stands witness to a time now gone, to craftsmanship, to passion, and to budding technology.

In comparison to modern-age motorcycles, these machines are more durable, resistant to damage and sophisticated. But to maintain it, these motorcycles require a bit more care and attention than your average vehicle.

Having stood the test of time, these machines clock in more miles and thus have a longer history of potential damage to their parts. Here, we present a list of motorcycle components that need your attention.

Use this as a short guide to determine whether you should replace or restore those parts.

Common Motorcycle Parts that should be restored or replaced


Coolant – Check the coolant level frequently in case it needs to be flushed and refilled.

Chains, belts, and shafts – Motorcycle chains need to be replaced after they hit the 15,000-mile mark as a safety measure. However, if the chain hasn’t been used as much, keep it tensioned and lubricated. Make sure there’s no debris or dirt stuck in the rear sprocket. If your bike is powered by a shaft, keep the gearbox clean to maintain its service.

Transmission – check the primary’s tension to see if it needs adjustment. The usual mark is 10,000 miles. If the bike has been used for longer distances, the transmission and oil must be changed.

Tires – The tire’s pressure and the thread is crucial for safety. Worn-out treads or less air pressure will make your motorcycle’s performance suffer. Use a pressure monitor to detect pressure data and temperature.

Aside from these, other components that require proper attention are the spark plugs, carburetors, fuel filters, cables, alignment, wheels, suspension, battery, oil and its general lubrication.

Restoration Process

If any or more of these components need to be restored, your next step should be to take your motorcycle to a professional restoration service.

Though restoring a motorcycle may sound like an easy task for an average owner, it requires mechanical skills, dedication, and knowledge of proper bike disassembly. If your bike is indeed rare, you may want to think twice before trying your hand at it.

The restoration process used by a professional would consist of the following sequence:

Disassembly Process.png


· Research the make and model of the vehicle to gain its full history

· Photography before the bike disassembly process will be conducted from each angle

· The bike will then be disassembled

· Components to be restored would be chromed or painted

· Wiring will be replaced or repaired. All electrical components would be tested

· The bike will be reassembled

Bring Your Bike to Classic Cycles Ltd.

As a professional vintage motorcycle restoration service, we offer a wide range of services, from custom designed motorcycle fabrication to simple bike tune-ups and maintenance services.

If you think your motorcycle needs parts restored or replaced, come on down. We’ll look it over and give our expert opinion!