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What Do You Need to Modify Your Vintage Motorcycle?


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What Do You Need to Modify Your Vintage Motorcycle?

Daniel Roberts

For a classic motorcycle owner, the decision to customize your vintage motorcycle is hard. As a vintage vehicle, finding the right mechanic, components, and parts, particularly for its restoration, may prove to be a difficult task.

However, since you’re here, we can assure you that you’ve taken the right first step.

As experts in classic motorcycles—British, Japanese and American—we have over 35 years of experience in repairing and restoring vintage and antique motorcycles.

So with this out of the way, let’s dive into the details of what your motorcycle needs for modification.

Ways to Upgrade Vintage Motorcycles


Upgrade Your Motorcycle Tires

This is the easiest and most effective way to upgrade the look of your vintage motorbike. Unless you have a show bike, you can go with other options, focusing on grip, displacement and tread patterns.  For an all-around use, go with an old-style touring cycle tire. Focus on a good grip and water displacement so that it lasts longer.

Upgrade Your motorcycle tires.png


Swap for Tapered Roller Bearings

Many older motorcycles still use the stock ball bearing system in their steering head. Upgrade your bike by replacing that with tapered roller bearings. Aside from lasting longer, these bearings handle steering better and outperform the old setup in many ways.

Replace Stock Bushings

Bushings can get worn out over time. Replacing those swingarm bearings with newer bushings helps outperform your stock bushings. However, keep in mind that these require some careful placement so you may need to get an expert to install them for you.

Get a Lithium-Ion Motorcycle Battery

Though lead-acid batteries are a norm for motorcycles, there are better options we can utilize. Lithium-ion batteries are less expensive and weigh a lot less than the traditional option. Faster at recharging, these batteries hold a charge for around a year; that’s without maintenance.

Upgrade the Chain Drive

Standard chains lose their factory lube the more they’re used. That’s because there’s nothing to seal the side plates. That exposes it to dirt and moisture, which leads to excessive wear and tear. Replace the chain drive, and oil the side plates so there’s less damage.

Come to us for Motorcycle Modifications

These are just some of the modifications you can make to upgrade the look and working with your vintage motorcycle.

We offer custom designed motorcycle fabrication, parts to replace or restore and more to preserve the look of your vintage motorcycle.

Contact us to learn more about our services in restoration and vintage motorcycle repairs and allow us to give your motorcycle the attention it deserves!