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Vintage Motorcycle Customizations: Know Your Options!


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Vintage Motorcycle Customizations: Know Your Options!

Daniel Roberts

Vintage motorcycles need to be handled with a lot of TLC. The right care, tune-ups and services can help restore it to former glory. And incidentally that is exactly what our bike restoration and fabrication services promise!

If you are looking to infuse new life into your vintage bike and bring out its age-old beauty, we’d love to know what you have in mind.

As vintage motorcycle specialists, we understand that most motorcyclists are individualists who enjoy their solitude and avoid conformity as and when possible.

This holds especially true for vintage motorcycle riders, who’d rather be at the helm of a bike that looks and performs a bit differently than the rest on the road.

So what can classic bike owners do to customize their bikes?

Customized Motorcycles – Dream Big!

While it is possible to customize pretty much any part of a vintage motorcycle, most of clients prefer to focus on these parts:

· Engine guards/frame sliders

· Seats

· Suspension systems

· Exhaust system

· Saddlebags Tires/wheels

· Crash bars

· Foot pegs

· Handlebars

· Luggage racks/bars

· Frames

The amount of customization and fabrication really depends on the expertise of specialty shop you choose to work with. Also, when considering a one-off custom job, it is important to decide on the budget upfront. As the owner of the bike, the onus falls on you to ensure that you are willing to put money into the project.

Vintage Motorcycles – Basic Customizations

If you are just getting into motorcycle mechanics, start small. You don’t want anything done to your vintage motorcycle that you might end up regretting later. Cutting and chopping can be dangerously addictive too, so leave that as your last resort.

Instead, invest in a relatively smaller and simpler customization job, i.e. repainting the machine completely. And while we say it’s simple, it is in no way easier for vintage bikes. It requires a good amount of mechanical work as well, as panels and parts will need to be removed and refitted.

Custom Paint And Body Work – Express Your Individuality!

Here at Classic Cycles Ltd. is a comprehensive vintage motorcycle restoration services including a complete makeover if that’s what you need. Our specialists will strip it down, fix the body work needed, and restore the frame to look like new.

If you are interested in era-appropriate paint-job or overhaul, give us a call at (908) 996-5337 and together we’ll figure out how to get your bike looking its best!