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These Signs Could Mean You Need New Tires for Your Vintage Motorcycle


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These Signs Could Mean You Need New Tires for Your Vintage Motorcycle

Daniel Roberts

Here’s the thing about motorcycle tires. They are just as overlooked as they are overused. While many enthusiasts are concerned about the vanity aspect of their vintage bike tires, very few are vary of the right time to replace or change tires. 

Get this thing straight, an old tire is just like a ticking time bomb under your vintage beauty, and of any custom motorcycle builder is telling you to keep them to maintain originality, back away. Run as fast as you can and find yourself a credible vintage motorcycle restoration expert. If you are in New Jersey, we would be more than happy to help.

For now, we just want to share a few important and worth memorizing signs to look out for.

The Tires Have Never Been Replaced

If the previous owner of your vintage bike proudly boasts about the tires being as old as the bike, it’s a definite sign that they need to be replaced. Even if the bike hasn’t been on the road for a while, tires tend to have a shelf life after which they become a grave hazard. Don’t go on testing the tires on roads no matter how mint they look.

Frequent Puncture and Pressure Issues

Another telltale sign of a tire too old is frequent punctures or pressure related issues. No matter how rough the road or terrain is, a healthy tire must be able to endure it for as long as possible. Old tires that are not able to do so means they are past their useful age. If you are used to riding at higher speeds, you cannot take risks with such an unreliable set of tires.

Clear Signs of Aging

Just like humans, tires show some clear signs of aging that must not be overlooked. Even if they aren’t used much, motorcycle tires might develop cracks and deformations. These kinds of signs are easily recognizable; you just have to look for them. Remember, these signs do not always occur due to time but also because of the storage conditions. Even a newly brought tire might have these signs. And yes, you must replace them as well.

Read the Treads

Treads are the biggest giveaway of an aging tire. Actually, it is one their intended purpose to indicate whether a tire needs replacement. If the treads start to vanish, this means your bike needs a new pair of wheels.

Remember, good tires are crucial to your bikes performance, vintage of sports. Old tires will impact handling and grip while posing a constant threat as well. Now if you are wondering if there are motorcycle shops near me where you can get all the help you need with the wheels, Classic Cycles is the place to land.